About Us

About Us

Spice Rack is a unique combination of modular standards with custom finishes, and we also keep on updating our product range to suit contemporary needs using the latest in ever-evolving technologies. What you get is good quality, competitive pricing and unmatched finishing, all of it while we customise and manufacture exactly what you need for your furniture.

8 years, 500 kitchens, and many wardrobes later, our team of experts believe that creation and collaboration go hand-in–hand. We have also extensively explored and lined up the latest technology, high-end tools and premium range materials imported from Spain, Germany and USA. Our experience, quality selection and expert workmanship come together to create a space that is unique to you.

Kitchens are our speciality, and being the most complex of deliveries that we deliver with flair, they are what we benchmark our quality with! We provide end to end solutions for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, pooja rooms, storage solutions, etc.

We have been in the industry long enough to know all the small bits that matter, and the big ones that cannot be ignored. We know quality is not only about the materials but also about the process used to put it all together.

Uneven lines, compact spaces or even minute anomalies in dimension - we’ve got you covered. Accuracy is our main focus in this step and we measure every inch of your home with lasers and software tools.In fact, pre-design & pre-production measurements are taken in two sessions – just another small step to ensure we got everything right the first time!

We design modular kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms that can be customised to suit individual client preferences. So while your furniture units remain modular, they will be manufactured to fit your space and requirements perfectly. We draw out this plan over sessions of understanding and collaborating with you to ensure we create your ideal furniture. For kitchens, for example, our in-house architects will plan and design an individual unit to suit Indian cooking style with detailed planning which you are a part of. It involves zones for consumables, non consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking – all keeping optimum space utilisation and ease-of-use in mind.

We have tried and tested materials, technology and fixtures from across the globe as we understand what best suit Indian homes and your specific needs. For example, we install quality fittings from German brands like Hettich, Ebco and Häfele. Our choice of fittings is planned to take load right from the hinges. We usetelescopic and soft close channels, withslides that are durable and function smoothly. Premium plywood from top Indian suppliers at cost-effective rates and with high assurances of finish and durability are also used for your furniture. So just like your signature recipe, we incorporate a formula that ensures your fittings, furnishes and components are selected and combined to give you a kitchen or bedroom that is high in both form and function.

We have automated packaging units, which code the different units of your furniture into a precise blueprint. Our factory consists of imported machines that perform functions such as cutting, boring, packaging, edge bending and heat pressing which together gives you a neat, clean and precise model. So when our carpenter arrives to assemble your unit, using cover carpets, you can be assured of an error-free, minimally messy and efficient process. If there is a need to cut an existing slab, shifting electric switches or moving certain parts of your plumbing, there’s no need to look for anybody else. We take care of it all. The eagerness, excitement and emotion that come with building a new home and space is a journey you will never forget. We at Spice Rack strive to make this collaborating experience with you an enjoyable, informative and enriching one. Not to forget, our kitchens come with a 5-year warranty and 2 years of free service, sowe are in this together. We are committed to the relationship, and when you choose us we open up a home full of possibilities for you!